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People increasingly seek flexibility between work and family life, and we can offer this alternative that will have greater capacity to retain our staff and clients, being indicated by our multilevel growing number of editors that offer us work from their houses.

• A leading organization in the management of intellectual capital as we are, is identified as one that encourages good relationships between editors and clients, identifies their needs and is aware of their concerns, since on the contrary it will only get that it is sustained by mediocre people, this aspect meaning the difference between survival and the death of the company.

• When our editors’ activity is effectively performed, it is very visible in terms of results and profitability both for us and clients.

• Increasing productivity and increase staff commitment give us a strong competitive advantage

• Within a good planning and strategy, our possibilities will be limited only by the imagination.

• The editor is qualified as a potential for promotion, especially if he is young and has great potential; it is important to maintain the experience, being always convenient to leave a space for new ideas and young people

• The papers will be executed with the maximum guarantees, since we are an entity of recognized prestige and developed capacity. Also, we have a highly qualified technical team with extensive experience in different projects, aspect that gives the customer a total guarantee in the execution and its subsequent maintenance.

• We perform projects with the best solutions.

• The client will not have responsibility for the project, so if any problem of this type arises, it will not be a financial loss since we assume all the risks associated with the project.

• Once the contract has been successfully completed, the paper in perfect state of use will become your property.

• We take care of the technological renovation of our equipment, improving therefore the competitiveness and assets of the client.

• Any paper is perceived as a symbol of modernity and commitment of our clients, aspect that is reflected in an educational benefit since it contributes to educate society in the current reality.

• The tendency of the prices of conventional paper tends to increase a minimum of 6% per year. In addition, these prices are very sensitive to international situations. For example, in recent years, the price of papers has multiplied by more than five, but we assume to offer you a quality paper with a correct price.