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In the beginning, writing a didactic degree paper seems a long, difficult task. It is so true that it is long and complicated. Fortunately, the applicant will feel better, once he has a couple of written chapters. Towards the end, he will find that he enjoys it. It is a joy based on the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled, the pleasure in having contributed to scientific knowledge and, of course, the imminence of a happy ending. Like many other tasks, writing a didactic degree paper usually seems terrifying, so let us help you on how to start!

The jury will read your paper. They are experts in the generic area of their work, but on the specific subject of your thesis, nobody knows more, than yourself ... all over the world! Therefore, it must be written in a way that is clearly understood, especially for the jury of experts, who have not taken up too much of their time to analyze the details of the problem, the subject of the thesis.

Your thesis is a scientific report and will be consulted by researchers who will want to learn more about the details of the laboratory experiences. The papers are consulted by people from other institutions, and the library can provide photocopies on paper or microfilm. But more and more works (in images and text) are digitized. A direct consequence is that your thesis will be consulted more easily, by researchers from around the world. Therefore, you should write your thesis in close attention to these possibilities!

It will always be useful to find someone, apart from your advisor, to read objectively some sections of the thesis, particularly the introduction and the chapters of the conclusion that should be closely related. It would also be very appropriate to consult the other members of the jury ... if they could read some sections of the thesis that they considered relevant or of interest, valuable contributions could be discovered there. In this respect, let them concentrate on the content, provide them with only revised versions, so they do not waste time correcting your grammar or your presentation!

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