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Efficient editors - Our activity is performed by different types of editors, where some knowledge and skills complement each other, so looking for a good set of values beyond the individual contribution of each one. The truth is that out editors’ work is irreproachable. They are usually very organized and methodical, with a great capacity for concentration. Perhaps this is the key to our efficiency!

Editors always available and flexible - You can call us at any time, we will never tell you we don’t work outside of schedule, even if it means to change our vacation days. It is a very important contribution for us if we have unexpected workloads. One of the aspects considered as part of our benefits offered to you related to work flexibility.

Trained and professional editors - Multitasking editors: Having a thousand issues at hand, our computers with 15 opened windows, usually having two monitors and it seems that it is not enough. And yet this does not prevent us from working efficiently or passing things on your tasks. The all in one is like the Swiss army for us. Our staff occupies different positions in the company, which makes it very valuable when there is accumulation of tasks, since editors can lend a hand in different sites, as well as to cover losses, vacations and so on.

Balanced editors - Balancing is an efficient, available, versatile attitude of our staff. For us, this editor is the ideal worker. Sociable in its right measure and with a high performance attitude. Our editors are the ones who falls well, who have a left hand and can be perfect interlocutors when problems appear. They are able to empathize with both the problems of the company and put themselves in your place. Their natural sympathy makes them be appreciated by clients!

We have been convinced by the strategic mind of our editors requiring their priority attention as well as their performance, based on:
• the intellectual and personal training offered by us,
• the quality of direct relationship with their immediate superiors,
• to be able to express their ideas and suggestions,
• act and contribute in other areas of the company,
• promotion opportunities,
• professional challenges,
• pleasant work environment,
• flexibility, freedom, security and equity,
• acknowledgment of their achievements by the management,
• to be considered rewarded, recognized and appreciated.

On the other hand, our job will be to identify the areas in which our editors are more creative, more productive and where they feel most satisfied; then we look for ways to give them autonomy and make them realize and perform their ideas in those areas in order to realize excellent papers. This is performed through dialogue, communicating without prejudice and clearly establishing what each of them intends to achieve individually, and whether these goals or objectives are possible to reconcile with the rest of our staff. For us, it is very important to motivate the participation of all the members in order to encourage a favorable dynamics in internal communication or with you, to awaken their creativity and mental effort in order to achieve the optimal solution of problems and make them feel that they are important part of our mission, along with you.