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Financial advantages

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Financial advantages
• All expenses incurred in paper modification/correction are recovered by reducing the costs associated with our consumption.
• Immediate paper modification/ correction costs without the need to make any investment, since the investment is made by us. At the end of the operation, the client will own his/her paper in perfect use without prior investment.
• Possible immediate benefit in our client's income statement, if from the start-up of the collaboration, less is paid to us for writing a thesis than to other specialized sites.

Original papers (diploma papers, dissertations, master theses, doctoral theses) written according to the customer's instructions at the best price / quality ratio!

Unbeatable custom paper prices
What does it mean that something is expensive or cheap? Mainly, it refers to the psychological price designated by the client. This scale will be set according to your priorities and economic situation! If for the first one it was an accessible expensive product, for the second it represented an unattainable and expensive product and, for the third, it was a product with excellent quality-price ratio. The fact that something is expensive or cheap will always depend on your expectations as valuable clients and the need for this to access the product. It is necessary to mark a plan to establish differential price policies:

Payment facilities
We give our clients new payment facilities! For example, deferred payment with card and no interest.

Discounts by quantity
Instead of being random to the clients, we establish clear conditions and inform them: «From 2 units, we make an 20% discount».

Variable prices
Variable prices can be very creative and stimulate customers. A special price is established by us after a certain hour – such as happy hour - or a more attractive price for ordering of projects! In this respect, we make sure that the formula gives us and the client profitability, in addition to good visibility and impact.

Our offers are a punctual reduction of the price and are primarily a good sales hook for the client! For us, it is important to take care of the image of the offers and the establishment. The client must quickly understand that the offers are interesting, or we run the risk of marginalizing prices, selling cheaper and not seeing it as something exclusive.

The discounts represent a good occasion to attract customers, but also to give them the chance to pay less on a quality paper!

Low Cost
Why not also have the low cost corner? It is possible that in the sector of our establishment there are irresistible cheap offers for customers. These types of items do not change the quality image of our services and they also increase the profitability of the point of sale.

We take care of the informative poster! The price poster is a good resource to communicate with customers. Beyond the legal obligation, it is a way of attracting interest and giving an image of the establishment. We let our clients see the price well, be big, do not be confused with an abundance of numbers and be attractive.

We aim to earn a good price/quality image! Thanks to maintaining consistency and quality of prices, we deserve the trust of our clients! In addition to having a good quality/price image, we must take care of it by performing quality and efficient services to our clients!