Confidentiality of services

If you need our services, you will be asked to submit your personal information (e.g. name, email address, phone number etc.) BUT we will NEVER share this information, together with other information, with third parties.

Many students or graduates hesitate when they have to decide on such collaboration, with all the benefits it implies. The reason? Confidentiality of personal data, confidentiality on which many put a special price. knows to fully satisfy not only the requirements of the clients regarding the details of the execution of a dissertation, but also those related to confidentiality.

Thanks to the modern platform implemented within the community, a platform through which our writers communicate directly with customers, doing various academic papers, their discretion is 100% guaranteed.

The communication between the writers and the clients is carried out strictly confidentially, none of the partners knowing the identity of the other.

The writer logs on to platform with an alpha-numeric user assigned by the administrator, while the client can communicate directly with the writer, under the generic nickname "CLIENT".

It is worth mentioning that only the administrator of platform knows the true identity of the client, identity protected from third parties in accordance with national and international regulations.

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