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Important moments during the development of a thesis
A thesis has two important moments: writing and presentation.

1. The writing process of the document consists in the demonstration of the applicant's capacity to design, structure, organize and execute an investigation in his/her field of knowledge.
2. The presentation is the demonstration of the aspirant's ability to convince that his/her results are valid, expressing them coherently, organically and synthetically.

These two moments must complement each other. However, all teachers who have been involved in the work of mentoring and counselling and therefore have had to integrate courts for the evaluation of theses at any level, know that sometimes you see very beautiful stories, but very badly told. You can see works that denote an arduous work of research, results with a great impact and contribution to science, but the wording is so complicated and flawed that it makes difficult to understand; instead, the presentation is performed in such an eloquent way that compensates for poor writing. From the above one may observe that there must be a correspondence between the scientific rigor of the writing and the oral presentation of investigative work.

Other aspects that should be contained in a general way in the thesis are:
• Expansion of the limits of scientific knowledge in a specific area of knowledge.
• Demonstration of basic knowledge regarding the research topic.
• Critical evaluation of the bibliography and previous research.
• Appropriate management of research techniques, or the introduction of new techniques and procedures.
• Demonstration of the acquisition of sufficiently argued criteria.

The following relationships must be demonstrated in the thesis:
• Problem - Object of study
• Object of study - Field of action
• Field of action – Objectives
• Problem - Objective - Population
• Objective - Investigative tasks
• Investigative tasks - Research methods
• Problem - Objective - Scientific idea
• Research design - Structure of the thesis
• Objectives - Results
• Results - Discussion
• Objectives - Conclusions
• Conclusions - Recommendations