The most common academic presentation tool in use today is PowerPoint

Almost all students and people in general are afraid of public speaking, which can be terrifying in front of the whole class.

The key to a successful presentation is creating stimulating slides, professionally formatted and their clear and understandable presentation.

PowerPoint Presentation for All Academic Levels

At each presentation you have to consider two vital aspects: to choose a focused topic and to analyze very well the audience.

With a clear and complete PowerPoint presentation, the public speaking becomes very easy.

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PowerPoint Presentations for All Academic Levels

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PowerPoint presentations
Some aspects that must be considered at the time of the presentation:
• Possess the means of support for the exhibition, these must be clear, precise and well made.
• Care should be taken in order for the slides to not be loaded with information. Only bring to the screen schemes that lead listeners to keep the thread of the information presented, not projecting the image of dependence of the medium in question for the exposure of the contents, which makes the defense less lucid.
• When making indications you must use a pointer (do not point with your finger)
• You must match what is said with what is displayed visually.