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The presentation of the thesis
The graduate will receive a couple of days before the presentation of his/her thesis, the date and the exact time next to the place (room) for his/her presentation. He/she will have approximately 8 minutes for the presentation of his/her thesis. The commission will tell him/her its evaluation and final grade. If he/she has no longer other obligations and have completed all other state exams, his/her studies will end that day!

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At the same time, it is essentially to resume one investigation. You have a clear plan, you have the exit from the house. It should be noted that, as a result of the investigation into the investigation, the probability that the proposal was approved by the University Commitment, with another possibility that the final document would be sealed. One of the objectives of the proposed action is to promote a personal contribution, which is the one of the candidate and the one of a committee.