What is a project?

UK PhD Dissertation

• A project is not the documentation of an implementation already performed. Neither is a novel, nor any literary genre of general consumption.
• A project is a solution proposal, among several ones, that probably solve a problem that probably exists.
• How do you know that the problem exists? Because reality is analyzed (with data). That is the description of the problem (of the company, of the industry ...)
• How do you know that the problem can be solved? Because reference is made to what others have done to solve it. That is the state of the art or the question. Describe the problem theoretically.
• Alternatives are proposed to solve the problem. And you have to select one.
• The project subsequently describes in detail the selected alternative, quantifies its cost, and establishes a calendar. In some cases it even establishes how it will be known that the problem has been solved. • So, what does a project consist in?
a) Introduction.
b) Description of the environment and the problem
c) State of the issue. Theoretical Review
d) Proposal of Alternatives and Selection.
e) Detailed design of the solution.
f) Implementation Plan.

General information for our clients
1) The use of the computer does not avoid the creation work that involves making a long and proper document. It is essential to think before writing.
2) Although we already have many things done on the hard drive, if we simply mix them in the document, anyone will realize that we have only mixed them.
3) Technical and scientific works are not novels. And they should always be supported by the work of others. Cite them.
4) Copy from one is plagiarism. Copying of many is called research. And in any case, citing the source is not only a sign of respect, it is an obligation.
5) Establish from the beginning a method to quote bibliography, and use it to cite your sources. In fact it is best to use a bibliographic reference tool.
6) Choose a way to address the reader from the beginning and maintain it. The most recommended is the use of the reflective voice (presented below), although the first person of the plural is also useful (we present below). The first of the singular is not so recommendable (I present below). It is interesting to choose it from the beginning, because otherwise it is very difficult to change.
7) Generally an editor seeks a solution to a problem: Before proposing the solution, it raises three or four alternatives.
8) Before explaining the alternatives, you must write and describe the problem.