The master thesis is, as all the graduates know, an academic paper that is superior to dissertation, both in terms of the complexity of the content, and especially in terms of the interpretation of the results of the research, the research that have been carried out during the preparation of the thesis.

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A Master or Doctoral thesis well-rated by all members of the evaluation committee should highlight not only the high level of knowledge that has been accumulated during the studies by the graduate but also the novelties he has noted.

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You will receive a complex and correct research, which is based on many theoretical considerations, mainly aimed at determining the research questionnaire and a personalized research model based on customer requirements, taking into account both a strict delimitation of the assumptions considered during the research as well as the objectives pursued.

A doctoral thesis is characterized by the high complexity, its ability to highlight the skills in the field of scientific writing, as well as the ease in the logical, cursive communication, identification, elaboration and realization of priority objectives for the chosen research, with their subsequent presentation in a logical-scientific form and presentation, in an impersonal academic style, of the conclusions that come out of the research carried out, conclusions based always on solid, carefully verified arguments.

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